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Brian McLean is an arbitrator, mediator and workplace dispute investigator with nearly 20 years experience.   McLean’s goal is to provide practical, cost efficient solutions to workplace and other disputes.  He was, until July 2017, the alternate chair of the Ontario Labour Relations Board, after having spent 14 years as a vice chair of the Board.

Both as a vice chair of the Labour Board and as a mediator / arbitrator, McLean has mediated and determined, through written decision, hundreds of disputes.  These range from complex, multi party mediations, to high profile labour disputes, to grievances regarding written warnings.  He has extensive experience in both public and private sectors.

Before joining the Labour Board, McLean worked as a sole practitioner and at an international law firm.  He represented employers, unions, and employees. He graduated from Osgoode Hall Law School and attended the University of Victoria. He co-authored the Collective Agreement Handbook published by Thomson Reuters (3 editions).


Brian McLean
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